„About 2 months ago I finished “Szybki angielski 2.0”. It was next part of language learning adventure in Engram. (…) I understood that I English is tool whereby discovering and understanding the world will be simple. At the end of this course I was able to read and understand news in English and watched English movies without subtitles. Of course I and my colleagues noticed huge improvement my English skills. Magda inspired me to explore culture and history of England. I learned what was the genesis English language. Course 2.0 have expanded my horizons and caused that I want learn more about culture and history of other countries. I have become open-minded. I highly recommended Engram IMO Engram is the best English school in Krakow with great staff. In Engram you not only will learn English but you will become open-minded.”

Tomasz Knaga

Szybki Angielski Kraków